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In the world of the weird, agonising and wonderful, we are experimenting with a gallery of stories of other ways of knowing and being. The kind of stories that definitely won’t make headline news. Stories that move and astonish. Stories that surprise - that makes us smile, cry and be amazed. Direct experience. Practice. Our golden threads are messy combinations of soil and soul, and how we try to make sense of these through story. Soil in its widest sense of the word, including land and sea. Soul - to yearn, enrich and inspire and because we dry up without it. Our stories are simply what make us human. 

Eve Annecke flourish-02.png

hanging by a thread

Paballo Nyakale.jpeg
Eve Annecke flourish-02.png

Images by Luke Metelerkamp with the wind, waters and soils of the Boesmans River valley, South Africa.

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